Friday, January 20, 2017

Six Glass Constellations from the Mauretania

These six panels were made from glass: sandblasted, acid etched and brilliant cut. They came from both the Mauretanias where they were part of the decorative scheme in the restaurant positioned on both sides of the room over the dumb waiter recesses. Clearly they represent constellations, with the inclusion of Pegasus showing they are indeed constellations rather than zodiacal items. All six panels were offered for sale at Christie's in the 1980s. The auction cataloguers were unable to pin down a designer but noted that the list of names of those responsible decorative schemes for the ships' public rooms included both Marion Dorn and Sigmund Pollitzer who might have had a role in creating these. I don't know where they went from the Christie's sale, nor if anyone since has been able to pin down their creator.

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