Sunday, January 08, 2017

Pink Narcissus and The Gates of Paradise

Films and Filming magazine has been a regular visitor to this blog for a little while now since a pile of them landed on my desk before Christmas. This issue must be the only cinema magazine ever to make a cover feature of the gay classic, Pink Narcissus. The pages on which it is covered are scanned below.

Interestingly, as with more issues of this magazine there are things which make you want to follow them up. There is a double page spread (below) relating to the 1968 film, Gates of Paradise, made by Andrezej Wajda telling the story of the 13th century Children's Crusade. The magazine, in 1971 is lamenting that fact that despite this film having been made largely in Britain (although also on location in Yugoslavia) is had not by then actually been released in the UK. Given the frank subject matter and the interplay of adolescent sexuality of every stripe with religious sentiment, this is actually unsurprising. I do not know if it ever did receive a UK cinematic release but the wonder of the internet is that you can see it on Youtube dubbed in German and subtitled back into English should you wish. It is also one of the earliest appearances on film for Jenny Agutter.


Anonymous said...

The director of Pink Narcissus, the wonderful but not flush James Bidgood, needs a new camera. You can help fund it here:

Callum said...

Hi anonymous,

I wish I had seen this earlier. It contains one of the most charming crowdfunding videos I have ever seen. Unfortunately the indiegogo page is now closed for donations.



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