Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Four Pieces by Albert Wainwright

I am grateful again to reader of Front Free Endpaper and collector of Albert Wainwright artwork, Padraig for providing a small selection of images from his collection. I think, without particularly meaning to, the four images here pretty much cover the breadth of Wainwright's output. There is the beautiful, fully-worked image above of a boy and a cherry tree (I have seen numerous night-time scenes by Wainwright and they all have a somewhat numinous quality). The Sea Cadet below represents the huge output that he had in terms of quick sketches. The Red Riding Hood stands for all his many theatre and costume designs which were such a large part of his life. The collage is something a little different but by singling out an advert for Nivea body cream that appears to be addressed to Scouts, we might suspect maybe a sense of humour showing through. The collage is on the back of a sketch. The only significant part of his output not represented in this little group is the portrait work that he sustained himself with at Robin Hoods Bay near Whitby for some years.

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