Saturday, December 17, 2016

Callum James Books: Occult Ephemera

I have just issued a short catalogue of ephemeral items relating to the occult. The list contains a little group of very diverse pamphlets and booklets on occult themes and then most of the rest is a catalogue of catalogues: a collection of bookseller's catalogues in the fields of magic, Wicca, mythology, folklore, the paranormal, cryptozoology, Eastern and Western occult philosophy and so on. There are a couple of items too which might be of interest to those who like supernatural fiction.

Book catalogues are always a great resource for the specialist collector as they often list books that one doesn't know one wanted. It is the next best thing to browsing an actual bricks and mortar specialist bookshop. Also, there is the bittersweet pain to be enjoyed of seeing the prices that even 30 years ago some of these books were selling for against what one would have to pay now.

We have often enjoyed the covers of book catalogues on this blog and occult booksellers clearly have lots of interesting imagery to choose from when designing their catalogues and so here is a little selection from the catalogue. You can view the whole thing here:


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