Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hamlet by Twins in the 1970s

I mentioned that we might be seeing more from Films and Filming; in their day they represented a gay 'eye' looking at the cinema of the time and so today they are great for discovering little-known films from the period that still have some resonance today. This page (below) for example which introduced me to a version of Hamlet from 1976, directed by Celestino Coronado and produced on a budget of £2,500 with just six onscreen actors, two of whom, twins Anthony and David Meyer, played Hamlet. Of the other four you may know at least two others: Helen Mirren and Quentin Crisp. Of course, Youtube comes to the rescue once our interest has been piqued. It's a uniqely 1970s production with near naked twins (Hamlet's two 'sides') cavorting with each other throughout and also playing both Hamlet and the ghost of Hamlet's father in an extended opening scene. The posing-pouched wrestling match between the two Hamlets towards the end throws shade on Oliver Reed and Alan Bates!

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