Friday, November 25, 2016

Fernando illustrates Lost Dorsai by Gordon R. Dickson

I must have read my way through every last book in Gordon R. Dickson's Dorsai series when I was a teenager or close enough. Even at the time I think I realised that the military strategy that formed the centrepiece of the books and made The Dorsai into the most formidable fighting force in the known galaxy was pretty hazy... still, they were a good read. So I was intrigued to come across this Ace Books edition of Lost Dorsai which is really packed with black and white illustrations. The artist is credited only as Fernando, but I suspect this is Spanish comic book artist Fernando Fernandez. For the most part they are fairly standard 1970s/80s comic book stuff but there's a significant number that show a real sophistication, which tickle my love of inky black and white mark-making, and which seem to stand at a real junction between the psychedelic 70s and the over-glamorised 1980s.

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