Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nude Study - Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov

I have been on holiday! Hooray! But back now! As I found myself telling someone that I am not one of those people who comes back from holidays all depressed but rather that I come back with a little extra vim and vigour, I thought I would offer a little blog post today in the hope of more to come. Not wishing to either bore you or incriminate myself by sharing holiday photos of Ibiza, I thought instead: a little piece of art. This is a charcoal drawing by a Russian master Valentin Serov (1865-1911), it manages to be both charming and a little disturbing at the same time. And if you needed any proof that the Russian art market is currently doing very nicely, it sold recently at auction in New York for 3,500 USD.

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