Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Pierre Joubert and Suchard Scoutisme Cards

The French chocolate manufacturer Suchard was quite concerned to make sure that its health giving products were targeted at those who might best benefit from them in the 1950s and, among other things, was quite the supporter of Scoutisme in France. This is a 'collect the cards' book from 1951 with full page spreads concerned with different aspects of "La Vie.. des Scouts". The illustrator isn't credited but just a few of the cards have the expected signature P. Joubert or 'JP' and I think we can assume they were in fact all drawn by Pierre Joubert, the man who did more than any other to create a 'look' for continental European scouting in the twentieth century. Each of the images below is a sample half of a page as they whole spread it too large for my scanner.


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