Saturday, August 27, 2016

Christopher Wood (1901-1930)

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, @callumjbooks, will know that I was recently at the exhibition of Christopher Wood's work at The Pallant Gallery in Chichester. As ever with The Pallant I was completely blown away by the standard of curation and by their ability to tell an interesting story.

Christopher Wood is an important but perhaps underrated figure in British art and his very early death, his ambiguous sexuality, his huge ambition, and his position within several very important groups of British artists during his short life make him overdue for a large scale exhibition.

None of these pictures on this post are from the exhibition (though anyone who has visited will, I think, see where they fit in his development), instead I got rather lost last night in an internet rabbit-hole and all these, with no real attempt at curation, come from past auction sales.

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