Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ronald Firbank and six other writers deprecated by unimaginative people

As trailed a few weeks ago, I am delighted to announce the publication of a new catalogue "Ronald Firbank and six other writers deprecated by unimaginative people. One hundred items from the collection of Robert Scoble."

The catalogue is made up of half items by and about Ronald Firbank, and for the rest divided into sections on Simon Raven, Roger Peyrefitte, Montague Summers, Lord Berners and Gerald Hamilton.

You can view the full, illustrated catalogue online here:

Members of my mailing list have had access to the catalogue for about a week and so a good number of the items have already sold but there is still plenty of exciting and intriguing material left now on public sale. Details of how to order if anything catches your fancy can be found within the catalogue.

Printed copies of the catalogue, of which there are only 40, each numbered and signed by both collector and bookseller, can also be ordered for £20 plus postage; please email for details.


J said...

I pretty much have all the major (and a lot of the minor) Firbank, and having bought from you a publisher's proof of one of the later Raven books, as well as one of his signed titles from Winged Lion, I wasn't expecting to find much in this catalog. Still I scrolled through the whole thing, and enjoyed it--particularly Dr Scoble's essay on Firbank's faith at the end.

However, I had never heard of Roger Peyrefitte before this, and decided to investigate what my library might have to offer. Among other things was THE KEYS OF ST PETER. I ordered it, and I am loving it. Myself a Roman Catholic, I can vouch for much of what the author says as true! I'm about halfway through, and there's no plot to speak of, but it's a hilarious read...

Callum said...

Hi J,

So glad you enjoyed the catalogue. It is always to be hoped that book catalogues serve a broader purpose than just selling some books and I am delighted you are finding things in this one to explore.


J said...

It's interesting. Late in the book, the author sneaks in a reference to the earlier PARTICULAR FRIENDSHIPS. If I had not read the catalog, I would have missed this inside joke entirely.

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