Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ronald Firbank & Others Catalogue

I am excited to be able to tell you that in mid-May I shall be issuing a catalogue titled, Ronald Firbank: One Hundred Items from the Collection of Robert Scoble, this is obviously a follow-up to the Baron Corvo catalogue in similar vein I issued in 2013 and just as in 2013 the catalogue will be issued online.

Members of my mailing list will receive the digital copy 48 hours before it is posted publicly online.

The catalogue's full title shows there is more to it than Ronald Firbank: 'and six other writers deprecated by unimaginative people'. Those other six who between them make up half of the one hundred items are: Lord Berners, Montague Summers, Richard Rumbold, Gerald Hamilton, Simon Raven and Roger Peyrefitte. There are some very choice items representing all of these authors. Robert Scoble also contributes an essay on "Firbank's Religion" to the end of the catalogue.

So why am I writing now about something happening in May? Just as with the Baron Corvo catalogue, there is to be a printed, numbered, limited edition of the catalogue, fully illustrated in colour, and signed by both book-collector and book-dealer. The printed catalogue is a quarto paperback that matches the Corvo catalogue in its presentation and style. The catalogue is £20 plus postage (UK: £2, EU: £4, ROW £5) and you can pre-order it now (with apologies to those who have kniptions at the word 'pre-order'). If you would like one then simply email me and be added to my mailing list and I will send a paypal invoice for the appropriate amount (don't forget to tell me where in the world you are). The physical copies will then be sent out at the same time as the digital catalogue which you will, of course, also receive.

Also, I have a few copies of the 2013 Corvo catalogue left and whilst stocks last, you may order one of those at the reduced price of £15 if also pre-ordering the Firbank catalogue.

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