Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Louveteau Magazine in the 1950s

French and continental European Scouting in the 20th Century had a very different feel to it compared either with the British or American versions of the movement. One expression of that difference was it's strong reliance on a few well known and prolific illustrators and photographers to create its 'image': Robert Manson, Pierre Joubert, Jacques Simonot, Karel Egermeier, Michel Gourlier and a number of others. But even when not relying on these main 'image-makers' the movement in France had an eye for presenting itself in a particular way; a strange mix between the comic, the wild, and the heroic ideal. These covers are from 1950s issues of a magazine called Louveteau. an official publication of Scout de France for their younger "wolfcub" branch and none of them are by the big names of Scoutisme photography or illustration.

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