Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gaston Goor Illustrates Les Amitiés Particulières Part I

Les Amitiés Particulières by Roger Peyrefitte is widely considered one of the classic pieces of romantic schoolboy fiction. It is the story of an older and a younger boy in a French boarding school who become romantically attached and about the tragedy that ensues when the affair is discovered and mishandled by the priests who run the school. The 'affair' actually is no more than some passionate letters and a couple of stolen kisses. It was translated into English and made into a film and in 1953 Flammarion published a de luxe edition in two volumes with lithographic illustrations by Peyrefitte's favourite illustrator Gaston Goor. Some of this suite of illustrations have been floating around the Internet for a while but to my knowledge no one has yet posted the whole set. These are the illustrations for the first volume: the second follows.


DA said...

Extraordinary! I had no idea these illustrations existed.

John said...

I want to thank you for this. I have long been a devotee of Gaston Goor, and I was aware of his having illustrated "Les Amitiés Particulières" but, apart from one or two of the lithographs, I have never seen them all (the actual book - when it appears for sale at all - costs a pretty penny!). Such beautiful illustrations - what a marvellous artist he was!

Anonymous said...

Their affair is definitely more than just letters and kisses! Both in the book and the movie sex is subtly implied. The book (at least in its German edition) has an unusually huge paragraph break at the critical moment where the reader expects a sex scene. The movie is a bit more daring, with everything that goes on with their cigarettes when they are frolicking in the hay among other things.

Censorship still existed back then so Peyrefitte and Delannoy had be subtle. But gay readers or viewers should still pick up on the cues.

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