Sunday, November 08, 2015

Three Ex Libris

A day spent at an "International Antiquarian Bookfair" yesterday resulted in my purchasing not a single book - I'm almost proud of that fact. However, I did find a moment to buy three exlibris bookplates. The top one is the bookplate of Siegfied Sassoon's gay cousin, Philip: also a WW1 officer, a politician, writer and society 'host' as well as an important collector of fine things. The bookplate may represent a ship arriving at the Port of Lympne where he famously made his home, perhaps dropping off the next selection of books for the library on the quay brought in from around the world. There is a monogram "TP" in the corner of the engraving but I don't know who that is yet.

The second bookplate also has a monogram, a much less helpful A in a circle, or possibly an "AO", in any case I again don't know the artist but liked the image as a naked youth sits among his books at the window looking out to where a mountain goat stands proudly on the hill.

The third is by a Danish artist called Henry Brokman (1968-1933) who began his artistic career in the cradle of the symbolists but developed into a somewhat more Romantic style later on. This is the bookplate of Francis Marion Crawford, an American writer of a huge number of novels, many of which are set in Italy where he was born and where he later returned to make his permanent home. Many of his novels have a slightly weird, fantastical or supernatural tinge to them.


Aiden Defreece said...

A lovely entry. I used to be able to collect and appreciate books in the same way as you, but in recent years I have become a carer for my partner of thirty two years who is now blind and physically disabled. I have no complaints as I am very content with my lot, but would just like to say, I look forward to your posts (having come across your wonderful blog a short time ago). They are intelligent and gentle. I mean that in the most complimentary of terms. Be good to yourself and may you have ever-gaining health to enjoy your passion.
Aiden (Northern Ireland).

Cosmo said...

I wonder if the Cyril Moore bookplate could be the Cyril Moore who edited the Countrygoer magazine, which used wood/lino cut images. (Examples online.) If so, perhaps he cruised as well as rambled! I did find a 1937 volume on ABE for sale "Hollywood Through the Back Door" by Edward Nils Holstius. The listing says: "Signed by the author on front fep, and dedicated "For Cyril Moore" in author's hand. Something has been unstuck from front pastedown, and below the signature and dedication on front fep, is pasted a picture of the author, and the names of three novels by him - possibly from the dust jacket." How amusing if what has been unstuck is your bookplate! Anyway, if you find out more about Moore, do let us all know! Maybe the DNB has an entry for him, but I don't have access.

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