Saturday, November 28, 2015

For Industry...

Today's bookplate (and yes, we do seem to have had quite a preponderance of ex libris plates on the blog lately) is a charming Edwardian school prize plate showing how the important things about school life are clearly cricket, football, geography and a few books. I don't know where the school might be but it looks urban and how charming that young Eric was being rewarded here for his industry.

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Liam Sims said...

How interesting! The inscription 'G. A. Hoffgaard' in the lower right is presumably Gustav Adolph Hoffgaard, who was at Harrow (left in 1893) and became a private school-master at 29 York Place, Portman Square in London ( Perhaps the signature is him in his capacity as master and his own school in Portman Square, which does resemble the building in the plate (

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