Sunday, October 11, 2015

1970s Counterculture Newspapers

I have spent today buried deep in the seventies. It's been a fascinating trip - in more ways than one - as I photographed and listed a big collection of 70s underground newspapers. It's particularly interesting looking at this material as it has certain resonance at the moment given the way in which many of the issues that exercised the papers then are back under discussion again now as the Labour Party begins to articulate something a little more to the left than of recent years. And then of course, there's the graphics: great artwork all the way through and some with cartoon strips that would make the editors of Viz blush like schoolgirls. So, it's all there: drugs, squatting, gay lib, womens lib, rock and roll, LSD, sexual liberation, "The Irish Situation", drugs, boy scouts and more drugs.

Without wishing to appear too mercenary, this little collection is on sale on ebay for the next week and you can find them by clicking on the link to my current ebay auctions in the right hand bar on this page.

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