Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sultry Young Man

Today has been an excellent buying day and the results will be in upcoming catalogues as soon as I've had a chance to catalogue things but we have ranged from 1980s goth/post-punk lyrics back a hundred years to 1880s sketchbooks. An alongside those things and others, this solitary postcard came to my attention at the back of a junk shop today and, given the sultry good-looks I thought he ought to come home with me: taken in Coney Beach Studios in Porthcawl...

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Aiden said...

Hi. My name is Aiden. I found your blog a week or so ago and just wanted to say that I have been enjoying every aspect of it, and will, hopefully, continue to do so. I have no ability to go out (disabled), and find the wonderful post-cards and art you do; but if I may, I would like to follow you on your pictorial journey and enjoy what you wish to show.
Much appreciation and thanks.

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