Monday, September 07, 2015

Jean Cocteau: Church Decoration II

The chapel of St Blaise des Simples is set in a garden in the small town of Milly La Foret a short distance from Paris. This series of black and white postcards arrived today and show the amazing decoration of the interior by Jean Cocteau in 1959. The garden is dedicated to growing medicinal and healing herbs and plants, which explains the tall flowers as part of the scheme in the chapel. There are, of course, colour photos easily discoverable with your favourite search engine.


Roger Allen said...

Cocteau also made a mural for Notre Dame de France in Leicester Place, just off Leicester Square, in London.

Callum said...

Thank you Roger, and Google was my friend on this one too. I shall certainly be visiting though the next time I am in town. From the images on the internet at least it looks like there may possibly be a self-portrait in amongst the figures on their walls.

Thanks for the tip.


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