Monday, September 14, 2015

1940s Hand-painted Patterned Papers

Readers with long memories may recall eighteen months ago, this post, in which I showed off some stunning hand-painted patterned papers I had bought by one Gwendoline K. Young, whom I assume to be an art student in the 1940s. It's only now, digging around under a chair (!) that I have discovered a whole batch more of these great period designs. It's possible I didn't include these in the previous post because they are bigger, some of them over 20" on the long side and therefore not amenable to scanning. These images here are photographs, always slightly duller and not as crisp as a good scan, but I hope they give something of the measure of the collection.

...And to answer the email questions that I know will come, yes the collection will be for sale in my next Short List in a few weeks time so if you are not signed up to my mailing list please click immediately on the email link at the top(ish) of the right hand column and ask me to add you on!

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