Thursday, August 06, 2015

Short List #19

This weekend I sent out Short List No.19. These are lists of anywhere from 25-40ish items that are new to my stock. Many of the items you see here on Front Free Endpaper end up on the Short Lists. They only go to members of my mailing list. It is not an onerous mailing list who also get first look at all my longer catalogues before they are published on my website, and they get information about new publications too. So, I hear you ask 'why am I not already on this list?! What can I do to remedy the situation?" The answer is simple of course, you need only drop me a line at the email address to the top right of the this page and let me know you want in on the list. 

The 'stuff' on these lists is heavily tailored to the tastes and interests of the people who receive it so it is often the case that the contents sell pretty quickly. New people asking to be on the list get links to all previous short lists to browse at their leisure and, who knows, they may find an unsold item that takes their fancy. 

My longer catalogues all appear at the website:

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John said...

I enjoyed looking over this list, but I was rather bemused by the volume "Eves Without Leaves". My friend Nick quipped that, given the (*ahem*) interests of most of the readers of this blog, it might have sold quicker if instead of "Eves Without Leaves" it had been "Adams Without Madams"!

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