Thursday, August 06, 2015

An Eastern European Vintage Body!

Well if I had a body like that I think I would be wanting to show it off a little too! This handsome chap was waiting for me on the mat when I got in this evening. I know this blog has readers from Eastern Europe, I wonder if anyone can help with the writing on the back?


J said...

Very nice! Whenabouts was this taken?

eArnie Painter said...

I guess the writing on the front is the photographer's information?

Anonymous said...

Rather late with this, but the writing on the back says "Here I have sent my picture. In it, I am 18 years old" in Hungarian.

Callum said...

Anonymous, thank you SO much. Please see today's blog (8.3.16) to see that I have put him back on the top of the blog for a while so others can see what the writing says.

Thank you


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