Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Short Catalogue from Callum James Books

This is something I tried eighteen months ago and was pleasantly surprised by the response so once again: a catalogue (a short one) of unique books and other items. We are talking handwritten manuscripts, collections of photographs and postcards, notebooks, clippings books... all sorts of 'stuff' and, I hope, the kind of things that our type of person really has a feeling for.

So if you are in the UK, this is a little summer treat, if you are one my Australian customers, think of it as a winter warmer!

Prices range from £15 to £600 so I hope there's something for everyone in both subject matter and price. The catalogue is in pdf format only here:

NB: if you have a btinternet account and are on my mailing list, you may be wondering why you haven't already got an email about this. It's because btinternet routinely 'delay' and then often don't deliver emails coming from the company who provide my email services. There are only two things you can do about this. You can talk to btinternet and ask them about it (they won't talk to me because I'm not one of their customers!) or if you would like to provide an alternate email I can change your entry on my list.

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