Tuesday, July 28, 2015

J. S. Wixom Drawings

J. S. Wixom is not a name that trips off the tongue from among the pantheon of twentieth century gay artists. As far as I can tell the scarce book Drawings and Paintings of J. S. Wixom is the only publication of this Utah based artist. The drawings here are all from the book and were done between 1969 and 1972 when the book was published. In fact, the lack of publishing imprint suggests maybe a self-published book, which might be why it is scarce today. Apologies for the quality of the images but the book is too large to place on my flatbed scanner, but I hope they give a fair impression of the work.


Bibliopolitan said...

This appears to be Jesse S. Wixom (1918-2007), who was born in Utah and died in Oregon. He was the fourth child of Frank Solomon Wixom (1887-1918) and Esther Matilda Thorsen (1892-1997). He had one older sister, and one older brother, with another brother who died in infancy. How many illustrations are in the book? And any information about the artist?

John said...

I don't want to lower the tone of this admirably erudite blog, but I couldn't help putting "Drawings and Paintings of J. S. Wixom" into Bookfinder to see how much it is selling for. This search turned up just two copies. One, on Alibris, is going for about thirty quid, the other, on Abebooks, for nearly three hundred pounds. What I found amusing about this latter was the seller description: "Complete and in fine condition, large 4to, 64 sepia colored drawings of young men and one colored painting of a naked woman--as if that'll put them off the track." Even better, he goes on: "Bound in illustrated paper covered boards, heavily soiled with what looks like Sea Gull poop that dried and was vainly brushed off." The first time, in all my collecting and (more recently) selling, that I've come across a description of a book condition that felt compelled to mention "Sea Gull poop". Which prompts the question, how does one even get Sea Gull poop on a copy of the "Drawings and Paintings of J. S. Wixom"?!

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