Monday, July 20, 2015

David by Giacomo Manzu

Browsing some art books today I was rather struck by this sculpture of David by Giacomo Manzu, c.1939, and by the more usually helpful write up in the book:

"The biblical figure of David has been a continuing source of inspiration in the work of Manzu. Several versions exist of this subject whose main characteristic is a crouching figure ready to let fly with a sling. From the first realization of 1935 to the later ones of 1938-39, there is a clear break in the choice of subject; David is no longer a virile nude with head and chest erect, as in the first version, but a thin child whose curved back echoes the rounded form of the stone on which he is crouching. In choosing a young boy as David, Manzu expressed his poetic vision of a child struggling against violence."


J said...

He looks like Gollum in the LOTR films...

Callum said...


All the way through typing this post I was thinking, "shall I say it? ... shall I say it?"

Thankyou for saying it :D


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