Monday, June 15, 2015

Albert Wainwright

Today's post is staying in the 1930s but this time with Front Free Endpaper favourite, Albert Wainwright. I spent an extremely enjoyable afternoon yesterday with Nick Elm, with whom I edited a book reprinting Wainwright's diaries of his affair with a young German chap called Otto. We were working on a new book and in the process I got to browse through all manner of Wainwright's artwork and sketchbooks, which is always a joy. So, not being one to keep things to myself here are a few pieces. The painting above is quite simply beautiful. We think that maybe it is a painting of the Queen of Sheba given the presence of the lion, but we'd be happy to hear other ideas. Whatever the subject it is quite the most exquisite of his paintings I have ever seen I think. The dark, moody background sets off the jewel like quality of the colours in the foreground perfectly.

These next two are pages from his sketchbooks, which AW used like we might use a diary. These are from a sketchbook he filled when on holiday in Ostende in the late 1930s, just before the war.

If you are interested in Wainwright then do have a look as our book Albert and Otto: Albert Wainwright's Visual Diary of Love in the 20s on Amazon, it's available on most local Amazon sites too if you prefer.

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful - the top one is very Dulac!

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