Wednesday, June 10, 2015

3 Pages from the Sketchbook of J. S. Barrington

No, alas, I haven't stumbled across a long lost sketchbook by Barrington in a dusty corner of a junk shop; these three pages were published by Barrington in his 1951 book, Art and Anatomy, most of which is photographically illustrated. The book distinguishes itself from others in the genre by devoting as much space, if not more, to the male figure as the female and having the male figure come first in the book, the female second. Also, this book is different for its use of what would now be termed 'beefcake' photographs of men rather then specifically taken anatomical studies. On the whole, the photographs are not Barrington's own and the book includes quite a number by Angus McBean alongside the single-name pseudonyms of the beefcake magazine photographers.

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