Monday, May 25, 2015

Callum James Short Lists

This is the cover of Short List #18 that I sent out to people on my mailing list a few days ago. The illustration on the cover is a detail from a digitally inverted scan, of a paper negative, of a photo of a wall painting by Frederick Rolfe Baron Corvo. The image was used in the first edition of A. J. A. Symons's A Quest for Corvo but the reproduction was poor and this negative print shows far more detail. This negative was, in all likelihood, made for that book production and found its way, probably via Julian Symons, into Donald Weeks's collection and thence into my short list, from whence it was bought a couple of days ago.

If you would like to be in with a chance of buying such little treasures... it's simple.. use the 'email me' link to the top right of the posts on this blog and just ask to be added. The short lists have anywhere from 20-40 items of new stock and are sent out once every couple of months, sometimes more often, sometimes less. None of the items on the lists are offered for sale publicly by me until after they have been seen by my subscribers. If you enjoy what you see in Front Free Endpaper then you are likely to enjoy the contents of my short lists. Browsers are welcome and I try and keep a spread of items so there are things for every budget.

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