Sunday, April 26, 2015

Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice

Since its appearance in the 2004 film "Closer", Postman's Park, hidden away a short walk from St Paul's Cathedral in London, has had plenty written about it in print and on the internet. There are better photos than mine available of it and of the memorial it contains: The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice. The memorial was the creative child of G. F. Watts and contains some 40 or so ceramic wall plaques giving details of some astonishing stories. 

So, having seen it in the movies and read about it on the net before now, when I stumbled upon it by accident yesterday whilst visiting that part of London, I couldn't pass by without spending a little time there. But none of the exposure that the place has had can quite prepare you for the heart-wrenching experience of reading through the stories on the wall in the hushed surroundings of the park.


J said...

How very sad. I had never heard of this before...

sydney smith said...

My heavens all these young lads drowning, had no one considered stationing a life guard?

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