Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Catalogue: Jacques Simonot Photographs

A new catalogue from Callum James Books: Jacques Simonot Photographs.  From the introduction: 
Jacques Simonot (1925-1982) was a cornerstone of a group
of photographers who did a lot of work documenting the
Scouting movement in Europe in the mid-twentieth century.
Most of the photographs here are in the same style as those
of Robert Manson and Charles Egermeier and others,
even though these ones specifically are primarily not of the
scouting movement. Mainly active in the 1950s and 60s, in
addition to his work in Scouting, Simonot took portraits of
French working boys out of his studio in Dijon: butcher’s
boys, farmhands, shop assistants and so on. There is also
a series of photos taken in Naples and Sicily, a number
of which appear in this catalogue and can be identified by
prefixes, NA or SIC on their stock number.
The catalogue can be viewed here:

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The boy on pages 14/14 looks so "old" for his age...

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