Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ten Vintage Faces

I bought (and posted) some new postcards for my collection the other day and in the process found myself flicking through the album. I noticed in amongst the vintage swimming photos I seem to have accumulated a number of faces.. portrait photos. Some or all of these may have appeared on FFEP before but I make no apology for that. I took the first ten I found in the album to share.


Paul Brownsey said...

One of them is stated to be of someone from Texas and to my eye, quite a lot of the others look American, too.

eArnie Painter said...

I might have accidentally fallen in love with #2.

Callum said...

Paul - these were all, from memory, bought from America. Not in the same batches but you are quite right about their origin.

eArnie - Sorry about that! Of course, there's every chance he's still alive somewhere...!

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