Friday, March 13, 2015

Hendrick Van Loon's Marvellous Maps

Hendrik Willem Van Loon is much better known in his native Netherlands I think than in the rest of the world. He was a prolific author and, in some cases illustrator, mainly of books for children and young adults. Today I picked up a copy of his 1932 book The Home of Mankind. The Story of the World We Live In. It's a delightful book and similar in style and idea to his more famous The Story of Mankind. But he illustrated these himself and, because this book is a mixture of geography and geology, a book about The World, there are these wonderful maps. The style is so fabulously naive, it looks like a child has coloured in a printed map with their felt tips, but they work so well. I was charmed by them.

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Palmstone Studio said...

I can see why you like the style of the maps. The direct simplicity is appealing, as is the use of just a few colors and clear visual representation of features. I would just wish that they were more geographically accurate. The shape of North America, for example, is staggeringly incorrect; the mountains in relation to the Caspian Sea is another example. Thanks, as always, for your very interesting posts.

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