Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ephemera: The Bibliography of Oscar Wilde by Stuart Mason

Bits and pieces of publishers' ephemera are always fun, particularly if they relate to a book or author that interests you. Not a few literary discoveries and bibliographical 'points' have been dug from publishers' lists of upcoming books or prospectuses.  And that's what we have here: a prospectus and a publishers' list of 'Notable Titles' from T. Werner Laurie, for their Bibliography of Oscar Wilde by Stuart Mason.  The Bibliography is one which is still incredibly useful today and Stuart Mason was the pseudonym of Christopher Millard, a much overlooked bookman and bibliographer who had a passion for Wilde and all his works. Corvo fans will recognise him as being the purveyor of the original 'Venice Letters' to A. J. A. Symons. Two very slight pieces of paper these, all things considered, but where would you go to find another copy!?

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