Thursday, January 08, 2015

Male Nudes in Die Schonheit

More from the early twentieth-century German magazine Die Schonheit which was an organ for the early naturist movement. One of the most noticeable features is the significant amount of male nudity included in the magazine. Throughout the naturist movement's lifetime and despite strenuous protestations that the nudity was nothing at all to do with sexual attractiveness, the female nude has always massively overshadowed the male in nudist photography. The female nude is more prevalent in Die Schonheit too, but the men run a closer second place than usual and here are some of the contents of just a couple of volumes. The genre is a strange one and I suppose it might best be described as a kind of Arcadian meets Beefcake. The photographs of Von Gloeden also grace the pages of the magazine but none that haven't been reproduced many times on the internet and elsewhere. The photographers credited here, from the top are: George Schmidt, B. M. Muller (two photos), Hanni Schwarz (three photos), M Schadewald, Marie Anna Freimut and Rudulf Zima.

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