Thursday, December 18, 2014

"My Four Year Old Could Have Done That..."

... well probably not! I'm not a subscriber to this view of twentieth century art but I was struck today by the images in the King Penguin book, Children As Artists by R. R. Tomlinson. The title probably gives away that this is a book that takes children's art seriously and when you look at the images they found to illustrate the book it's amazing how so many of them wouldn't look in the least bit out of place on the walls of say, The Pallant Gallery in Chichester with it's collection of mid-Twentieth century art. There is a real sense of the neo-romantic in lots of these images, made all the more poignant by the fact that, as the book was published in 1947, much of the subject matter deals with a child's experience of war.I think if I posted these as if they were the work of a serious artist with no reference to their age, it's possible you would not think twice about it.


Stewart Thomas said...

Creativity and the ability to be keen observers is a talent that young people can cultivate as readily as the older folks. Thanks for the great examples. I particularly liked "In a waiting room" by one of the younger artists.

J said...

"The seaside" is my favorite!

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