Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Paintings by Alfred Waagner

These intricate and beautiful paintings are by Alfred Waagner and I am grateful to their owner for allowing me to photograph ans post them here. Waagner (1886-1960) was an Austrian painter and illustrator who looked set fair, as a young man to be a chemist or an engineer but he took a swerve in his education and began studying art under Berthold Loeffler at the Vienna School of Applied Arts until 1912. in 1913 he was an exhibitor at the Vienna Secession and continued to be associated with the Secessionists. His work is in a number of styles but he is best represented by the top two paintings in this post with their strong colours and patterns and sense of almost illustrative design. 

(These images were photographed when framed and so had to be tilted a little to avoid too much flare on the glass)

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