Saturday, November 01, 2014

Albert Wainwright Artist and Playwright

A while ago, Callum James Books published the visual diary of the artist Albert Wainwright through some years when he was involved in a relation with a young German called Otto. He has featured on this blog many times. The next Wainwright project it to edit an edition of his play Michael-Gabriel. It exists in a handwritten manuscript currently sitting here on my desk and, Wainwright being an artist, it is illustrated throughout. It's going to be a while before the book is on the press but progress is being made. The first few pages of the manuscript book are like the one above with tone-setting poems and bon mots and illustrations. 

This page has on the left, "Help us to get a friend, because a friend is one of the best things we can have, especially if he is the same size . . . as we are." - Prayer of a boy at Mostyn House School.

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