Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Travel Posters at Swann Auction Galleries

A stunning collection of twentieth century travel posters is about to go under the hammer at Swann Auction Galleries in New York. And when I say it's 'about to' I mean in about two hours time. It's the collection of an anonymous Australian collector and so there is a strong representation of Australian posters but they really are from all over the world. There are nearly 200 posters and I have just gathered a few here that appealed to me but it's quite a catholic collection in terms of style. There is an accompanying Ebay Live auction which, if you are here in time you can follow here and browse the rest of the images.


Anonymous said...

For the "Books by Boys" list:
"Song of a Boy" By John Holland. Privately printed in London in 1939. Collected poems and reproductions of the art and drawings of John Holland, a Winchester boy who died shortly before his first Oxford term at 19. A beautiful book by a beautiful boy.

Callum said...

Thank you anonymous, I know that book in fact and agree it is indeed a lovely production.

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