Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ralph Lavers illustrates Redskin Morning by Joan Grant II

As foreshadowed in yesterday's post in which I put up some of the colour illustrations from this book. These are a selection of the black and white work of Ralph Lavers illustrating Redskin Morning and Other Stories by Joan Grant. 

UPDATE: I am reliably informed by a correspondent that this Ralph Lavers is indeed the same as the architect designer of the 1948 Olympic Torch. He was a friend of Joan Grant's and shared her beliefs in reincarnation/past life memories and believed he had himself been a  Pharoah. He was involved in some Egyptian excavations and was employed to draw 'artist's impressions' of sites being excavated. It is also believed he had some contact with Ralph Chubb.


DA said...

These are indeed as intoxicating as the color. I love that the girls are as ferocious as the boys in the mother and child illustration. And you can practically hear the buffalo thunder in the last one.

Geoff Hassell said...

Ralph Lavers died in 1969 several years before Redskin Morning by Joan Grant was published!

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