Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mr Manhood and the art of Double Entendre

It may be that being named Mr Manhood is something that predisposes you to a life of double entendre and innuendo... which may explain why he called his only novel Gay Agony, which is a novel about none of the things you might imagine from the title, despite the fact that the action takes place in a small village called Thrust-on-the-Moor; I kid you not!. I've not read it but reviews online seem to suggest that you will either love it or dislike it, mainly on stylistic grounds. All agree that Mr Manhood is actually something of an overlooked talent in the world of the weird, supernatural story, his first collection of which he called... Nightseed!

And why am I telling you this? Because when away in Scotland recently I paid a visit to Wigtown, Scotland's National Book Town and whilst there had occasion to see this fetching mug which, of course, I just had to have.

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discotheque confusion said...

You had me at 'Thrust-on-the-Moor'! Genius!

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