Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Ditto Press

These are the postcards/flyers that came with a recent order from an uber-cool London-based outfit called Ditto Press. If you have an interest in counter-culture and are feeling a young and creative vibe then I recommend you go and check them out. What's not to like about a place that offers workshops in taxidermy, linocutting, "the mystical art of" Riso printing and designing alien civilisations. And that's just the workshops. Surely any workshop that sees you leave with your own stuffed magpie has got to be worth thinking about!

But it wasn't the workshops that attracted me in the first place. The Ditto Press's main business, unsurprisingly, is printing and they have a really fascinating list of publications (books, magazines, zines and prints) on their website and I had been brought there by The Anonymous Sex Journal, a rather intriguing idea for a zine in which an anonymous web form hoovers up anecdotal contributions from anonymous strangers about their sexual experiences and then illustrates and publishes them (if you have sexy story to tell yourself, from any flavour of sexuality, the current issue is collecting anecdotes about masturbation). I bought a copy and was moved to buy a couple of other things as well and not only am I impressed by the printing but also by the speed of delivery and serious intent of the packaging! So all round, a hearty recommendation if you fancy something a little out of the ordinary and long may they prosper.

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