Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jan Parker Illustrates Witchcraft and Black Magic II

Back in May I posted a selection of these images by Jan Parker for the Hamlyn paperback edition of Peter Haining's Witchcraft and Black Magic and I said at the time there may be more at a later point. I'm prompted to make good on that promise now because a number of people have now commented on that original post most helpfully providing information sorely missing in the first one. Most of it comes from Parker's Saatchi Art page in which we learn not only that Parker is still painting but that he still paints with an interest in the other side of the veil as it were. At the bottom of the page is a link to this reasonably recent interview with Parker about his involvement as the on-set artist with Kubrick's, 2001.

I'm grateful to Odyzeus, Alexandre Fernandes and to anonymous for taking the trouble to comment on the original post.

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Simone Odino said...

My compliments for your excellent piece, and thanks for the link to my article ;-). Simone Odino (2001italia)

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