Saturday, August 23, 2014

Charles Sayle Inscriptions and Dedications

In the middle of next month, Bonhams in Oxford will be selling to volumes by Uranian poet Charles Sayle, Erotidia and Musa Consolatrix. Sayle was a literary scholar and librarian at Cambridge University. He had something of a coterie around him in Cambridge of young and mainly gay young men and among them was someone who has featured on this blog a few times, the tragic and beautiful George Mallory. The first of these two lots at Bonhams is inscribed to Mallory who at the time, was a 22 year old undergraduate.

Sayle was an elegant wordsmith and I have always been rather touched by the printed dedicatory letter to John Haden Badley in Musa Consolatrix I imagine there are many of us who would like to know someone capable of such epistolary expressions of affection!

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