Saturday, August 09, 2014

Champion Studio

Not usually a fan of the beefcake genre but these caught my eye this week on Ebay being sold by (still on sale in fact here, here and here) the lovely Chuck who has received honorable mention on this blog before I think as a purveyor of vintage swimwear images. These are not so much swimwear as skimpywear because the artists and physical culturists for whom these images are intended (see below!) obviously needed the closest to a nude as the law and the post office would alllow them. These actually come from Champion Studio run in the 50s and 60s by Walter Kundzicz, whose output was much more sunny and candid and rather more 'jock next door' than some of the more muscle-bound studios. There was a book published in 2003 about the output of Champion Studio but I like these in particular for the way they look aged and slightly dogeared, as though they have been much loved and often looked at.

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