Thursday, July 17, 2014

WW1 Soldiers: A Tender Embrace

There has been quite a lot online and in the press recently, I think occasioned by the publication of a book, about male affection in vintage photos... or Vintage Bromance as it is now rather worryingly being called. There are in fact a number of books available now which hark back to more innocent days when men were more willing perhaps to show a tender affection towards one another. Any one of those books would, I'm sure, be jealous of this beauty that arrived this morning. Film star looks all three of them, real tenderness in pose and expression and with an added poignancy of their military uniforms marking them out as likely participants in the hell that was the First World War. I can't properly decipher the name of the chap on the left except to know that he was only 18 when the photo was taken. So delighted to add this to my collection today.


John Hamilton said...

The writer has just scribbled the inscription quickly which is why he hasn't bothered to form more than an impression of some of the letters. My compadre Nick is pretty good at reading this sort of script, and he discerned the inscription as:

Harvey J. Barber
age 18 years.

which looks about right to me.

Callum said...

John, (and others who have expressed an interest),

Many thanks, I'm glad you have enjoyed the photo. I am reliably informed that there are records for a New York regiment at about the right time that suggest he may be a Harvey J Baulser but, as yet, this is also just a possibility.



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