Friday, July 11, 2014

Spot the Author: Esquire's 1973 Anniversary Edition Cover

This is the cover of the 40th anniversary copy of Esquire magazine from October 1973 which had a fold-out montage of all the literary contributors to its pages. It is a very clever piece of cut and paste for the time and stuffed full of some of the biggest names in literature. I thought it would be a bit of fun to hold back the key to all the names until you good folk have had a chance to try your guesses at who these people all are, handily numbered in the photo so if you want to have a guess in the comments below feel free. I was struck both by the fact that the group contains just two women but also by how many of these men were gay, not a bad proportion really. 

No prizes, just some fun if you fancy it.

UPDATE: Thank you to all who had a go either in the comments or by email to me or just privately at home.. but particularly to those willing to stick their neck out in public, it's much appreciated. The key is now posted below the scans of the cover - don't kick yourselves too hard if you got any wrong... just a bit of fun!


Self-effacing ghost said...

I'm exceptionally bad at faces - really outstandingly so - but just to start the ball rolling:

1. J K Galbraith?

2. Tom Wolfe

3. Susan Sontag?

4. Ernest Hemingway

7. John Updike

14. F Scott Fitzgerald

15. James Baldwin

23. Truman Capote

28. Leon Trotsky

33. Gore Vidal?

Several of the others look embarrassingly familiar. No doubt I shall kick myself when you publish their identities, but these days that's the only exercise I get.

Callum said...

Thank you for playing, Mr Ghost.

In case others want to have a go I shall say, at this point, only that you have all but one of the names you mention correct!


Keri said...

Could 8 be Kenneth Clark?
21 looks like Jonathan Miller to me.
34 could plausibly be Michel Foucault but would he get into Esquire as early as 1973?
And where are the obvious candidates Saul Bellow, Norman Mailer, Philip Roth?
I give up.

Callum said...

Hi Keri,

Well this is fun! I can tell you that none of your numbered guesses are right I'm afraid. Also, I should say that two of the three people you ask 'where are they' are there in the photo!

I'll keep this going just another day or so before posting the key.



Terry said...

12. Roth
20. Parker
30. Williams
24. Nabokov
35. Perelman
26. Lowell
31. Muggeridge (maybe)

DA said...

18. Saul Bellow

30. Tennessee Williams

Callum said...

Thank you all so much... even when wrong, some good guessing... you're an educated bunch and I'm proud to have you all as FFEP readers...


Self-effacing ghost said...

…which leaves one question outstanding: who is the diminutive waiter in the scarlet jacket? My guess is he’s the then editor, Harold Hayes, but looking at the photos of Hayes online I’m not quite sure. Bad at faces, you see.

Thanks for a bit of good fun.

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