Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Catalogue from Callum James Books: Vintage Genres

The latest catalogue from Callum James Books is now available. This contains mainly affordable paperback editions of books from the genres of Science Fiction or Supernatural Fiction. It includes a great selection of August Derleth's work as an anthologist, a number of Peter Haining's attempts to follow on that tradition, a good smattering of books by Philip K Dick and H. P. Lovecraft and there is some cracking cover art throughout. You can read the pdf catalogue here:

There are several other catalogues currently in the works here at Callum James Heights so if genre fiction isn't your bag just stay tuned for more in the near future from other parts of the repertoire. Members of the mailing list received notice of this catalogue a couple of days ago and if you too would like to get an early heads up about new catalogues and publications and exclusive access to my occasional Short Lists then please just drop me an email using the link to the top right of this page.

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