Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bill Geldart Illustrates The Hungry Cloud by Tom Ingram

William Geldart (credited as Bill) illustrates this 1971 book by Tom Ingram, The Hungry Cloud. I haven't read it yet but there are just enough little references tucked away in forums and other odd corners of the internet to make me wonder if this is something that will come under the heading of 'forgotten masterpiece', maybe not, but I'm hoping to get a chance to read it in the near future. Certainly, the illustrations are very promising. Geldart has had a long and distinguished career in illustration of all kinds and his website has ample examples of his current style. These come from earlier in his career however, at a time when his work was with advertising agencies and as an art editor for a magazine: they have a much more stylised look to them and the shapes and abstraction, particularly evident in the last few below, speak very much of the period.   


Anonymous said...

I remember being absorbed reading this book one hot Sunday in summer, in the early 1970s. One of my best memories of childhood

Anonymous said...

I read it too, when i was young. in a dutch translation. title ran 'Vijand zonder schaduw'. Shadowless enemy.
I thought it very good back then. would love to read it again, in English this time :- )

Alex Staines said...

I used to get this book out of my local library in Auckland, New Zealand on a rotate basis. I was obsessed with it. It's deliciously creepy and the illustrations are outstanding. Sort of in the same camp as Alan Garner - another childhood favourite.

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