Wednesday, June 04, 2014

More Albert Wainwright

Albert Wainwright continues apace on the Internet. Thank you to Padraig for the heads up that led me to a selection of his work on a Japanese blog, many of which I had never seen before. I'm sorry there is no context to them, apart from the obvious such as where they come with the numbered pages that Albert put in all his sketchbooks. If you haven't yet seen our publication of his sketchbooks from the mid 1930s that document his relationship with a young chap called Otto then you can buy if from Amazon here. Thank you to those who have bought it, the book continues to sell pretty well.

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ArpanaINFJ. said...

Hi Callum.

Have just finished going through your blog which I've enjoyed so much I've gone back to the beginning and started to go through it again.

I've also sent the link to a pal in Carolina USA, and he is now avidly working his way thrugh.

All the best.

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