Monday, June 16, 2014

Jo Brocklehurst Postcards

Jo Brocklehurst is not one of those names that springs immediately to the lips but a Google image search for her work and most people I would imagine, in the UK at least, will realise they have seen some. She was well known for her illustrations of the fashion and club scenes in the UK and Europe in the 1980s. Her work is slowly appreciating, with drawings now fetching in the mid- to high hundreds at auction. She died in 2006 and reading her Guardian obituary, or rather reading between the lines of the obituary, one picks up a picture of a sometimes difficult woman with an overriding passion for her work, someone who persevered in the life of a professional artists against quite some odds.

These three drawings arrived in postcard form this morning. From top to bottom they are titled, "Man in a Hat", "Boy in a Shower" and "Man in a Shower". The postcards were issued by a company called Gallery Five in 1981. There's something to be said for collecting modern postcards.


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