Thursday, June 12, 2014

Book Catalogues

The only thing I really collect these days for myself is bookseller's catalogues and bibliographical books where they coincide with my book interests. When you see me selling book catalogues it is only because they are duplicates to my own collection. So you can imagine my delight when two huge boxes of book catalogues from the likes of G. F. Sims, Jacqueline Wesley, Eric and Joan Stevens and numerous others arrived today. Perhaps the most exciting though was a small run (for there never were many) of catalogues by the elusive Michael deHartington (pictured above).These catalogues from the 1970s were so important for identifying and giving information about gay literature that David Deiss at The Elysium Press reprinted them in a fancy limited edition some years ago so that the information they contained could be more widely dispersed. Among the catlaogues is the legendary catalogue number three in which deHartington sold the collection of Uranian poetry that Timothy d'Arch Smith put together when he was writing Love in Earnest in the late 1960s. I've recently had the pleasure of handling some of the very copies of those books that d'Arch Smith had back then and that appear in this catalogue. I've had the Elysium Press facsimile publication for a while but I'm absolutely delighted to have a full set of the originals now. A happy series of evenings is now indicated reading and filing away this new and huge influx to the collection.

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